Mission Statement

Christianity has stood the test of time. The power behind the message and the essential guidance from the principles of SIMPLE, PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY are just as relevant today as ever in the past. Our website has a two-fold mission. First to BUILD A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE ESSENTIALS of SIMPLE CHRISTIANITY and what makes this avenue to Spirituality so powerful. Second we hope to encourage others to EMPLOY the SIMPLE living principles of Christianity IN THEIR OWN LIVES and thereby help others see the value o SIMPLE, PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY.

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Mere Christianity is BASIC, SIMPLE  Christianity, Christianity with the emphasis on PRACTICAL day to day living by JESUS’ example and teachings. The basic principles are clearly delineated in Scripture. There is the Father, Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to die for our sins and show us the way to live for true holiness etc. However, PERSONAL INTERPRETATION of doctrines which are not explained in full detail in the Bible must never be a source for DIVISION among us. For Christian to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples and helping them to a relationship with the Lord, WE MUST BE UNITED as brothers and sisters in Christ, where ever and however possible! We attempt to send out logically written comments with an unbiased and fresh approach.

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