MATTHEW 5:4 “BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO MOURN FOR THEY WILL BE COMFORTED.” Jesus promises NOT the end of suffering this moment, but RELIEF from suffering. In our world there will always be reason to mourn but Jesus promises comfort and relief. The best way known TO BUILD CHARACTER and perfect one’s being is to go Read More


ISAIAH 61:7-9 “INSTEAD OF SHAME MY PEOPLE WILL RECEIVE A DOUBLE PORTION…ALL WHO SEE THEM WILL ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY ARE A PEOPLE THE LORD HAS BLESSED.” Being a Christian is not the most popular cause these days. If we aren’t careful we can sometimes find ourselves almost apologizing for our conservative values. Isaiah, 2700 years Read More


ISAIAH 55:1-2 “COME, ALL WHO ARE THIRSTY, COME TO THE WATERS, …WHY SPEND MONEY ON WHAT IS NOT BREAD, AND YOUR LABOR ON WHAT DOES NOT SATISFY? LISTEN, LISTEN TO ME.” Have you ever had a time in your life where nothing seemed to go well for you? A time when you were going through Read More


PSALM 18:25-6 “TO THE FAITHFUL YOU SHOW YOURSELF FAITHFUL, TO THE BLAMELESS YOU SHOW YOURSELF BLAMELESS, TO THE PURE YOU SHOW YOURSELF PURE, BUT TO THE CROOKED YOU SHOW YOURSELF SHREWD” How David, the writer, could figure out this principle of modern psychology is uncanny (God’s Inspiration). This is a principle of life- YOU GET Read More


EPHESIANS 2:10 “FOR WE ARE GOD’S WORKMANSHIP, CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS TO DO GOOD WORKS, WHICH GOD PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR US TO DO.” What makes life worth living is having a PURPOSE in life that gives meaning. If we put ourselves under God’s tutelage, we become GOD’S WORKMANSHIP. We then become His ambassador here Read More


GALATIANS 4:7 “SO YOU ARE NO LONGER A SLAVE, BUT A SON; AND SINCE YOU ARE A SON, GOD MADE YOU AN HEIR.” ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! If we acknowledge God’s Paternity over us, as His children we have an INHERITANCE in a family fortune. With the power of God and His Universe standing behind us Read More